Like Audio Books? Check Out Overdrive

Probably half the books I “read” in a year are audio books. An increasingly popular option for fans of audio books is Amazon’s Audible subscription service. With more than 180,000 titles to choose from Audible might be worth the $14.95 monthly fee. For that the subscriber gets one free book a month (additional books need to be purchased).

I’ve considered going with Audible, since it would save me from going to my local library and pouring through the limited books on CD collection. While I like going to my library, searching for an audio book is time-consuming, and I often am unable to find a book that appeals to me.

Enter Overdrive.

Overdrive is a free app you can download to your phone, tablet, or computer. If your library subscribes to Overdrive you simply add your library (or join a library that does subscribe) and you have access to their full spectrum of audio books and also their e-reader books. Overdrive offers three distinct advantages over checking out books on CD:

  1. Saves time. I don’t have to go to the library and search for a book. When I’m done with the book, Overdrive returns it for me, saving me a return trip to the library. Another time-saver is Overdrive’s filtering system, which allows you to do searches using several criteria, from genre, to author, title/subject, format and so on.
  2. More titles to choose from. My library has more audio and e-books available online than at the physical library.
  3. Easier to use. I download the audio book to my iPhone and connect it to my car’s sound system. There’s no grappling with CD’s while driving. Better yet, Overdrive audio books do not come with the scratches and other annoyances that often turn parts of CD books into skips and crackles.

In addition to audio books and e-books, Overdrive also offer podcasts, videos, and other content. To learn more about Overdrive and find a library near you that offers it, visit