Online Book Club Rates Ray Courage Boxed Set – 4 Stars

The Online Book Club recently reviewed the Ray Courage Mystery Boxed Set, giving it four stars out of four. Here are some excerpts from the review

“The Ray Courage Mystery Series Boxed Set (1-4) by R. Scott Mackey and published by Big Hound Publishing is a great introduction to a new mystery series and a new mystery writer.

Mackey’s engaging writing style had me forgetting time. I enjoyed reading the stories from the opening lines. Occasionally, when forced to stop reading, I felt myself compelled to continue. I wanted to resume – to find out what would happen next – the mark of any great read.

Each story takes the main character, Ray Courage, further into the dark world of the private investigator. He loses friends. He makes enemies. He faces blackmail, betrayal, and crimes of passion, greed, and revenge. For Ray, a former college professor, the journey is not linear, and not pleasant.”

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