Ray’s Sacramento

Most all of the events in the Ray Courage books take place in and around Sacramento. I get lots of questions about various locations in the book. Below is information about some of them. If I missed any, please feel free to e-mail and ask me to update this list.

Alhambra Athletic Club – now owned by California Family Fitness, this is where Ray plays a spirited game of HORSE with Rubia in Courage Stolen.

Arden Hills Tennis Club – actually called Arden Hills Resort & Spa, this is where Ray staves off the advances of a determined cougar in Courage Begins.

California Automobile Museum – in a back room, Lieutenant Trujillo briefs Ray on how the sting will go in Courage Matters.

Corti Brothers – Ray is given ransom drop instructions on a bottle of wine inside this iconic Sacramento grocery store in Courage Stolen.

Crocker Art Museum – the lavish Sacramento Real Estate Awards ceremony take place here with Bate Real Estate receiving one of the top honors in Courage Begins.

Dad’s Kitchen – Ray has light-night takeout from this Land Park eatery after his big discoveries in Monterey.

Del Paso Country Club – Ray confronts Lionel Stroud here during a round of golf in Courage Matters.

Dream Girl Centerfolds – loosely based on Gold Club Centerfolds in Rancho Cordova, this is where Ray quizzes a suspect about a murder in Courage Matters.

Effie Yeaw Nature Center – Ray’s ransom drop off in Courage Stolen starts at this Sacramento location near the American River.

Ella Restaurant – Garrett Bate has drinks with a few friends here the night his wife is killed in Courage Begins.

Espresso Metro – this funky coffee bar is located in Land Park next to City College. Ray meets his old flame Jill Stroud here in Courage Matters.

Fahrenheit 250 – Ray meets suspected eco-terrorist Seth Seeger at this restaurant across the street from Sacramento State and Capital Public Radio.

Freeport Grill – the actual full name is Freeport Bar & Grill, the place Ray stops for coffee and learns an old rumor about who might have killed his wife thirteen years before in Courage Resurrected.

Hana Tsubaki – Ray has an unintentionally romantic lunch at this east Sacramento restaurant in Courage Stolen.

Hyatt Regency Sacramento – security cameras put Garrett Bate in this hotel overnight while his wife is murdered at Lake Tahoe in Courage Begins.

Iron Grill – Police Detective Carla Thurber hassles Ray as he eats a turkey sandwich at the bar in Courage Resurrected.

Jamie’s – Ray chats up a disenchanted Andrew Norris in Courage Matters in this popular restaurant on Broadway.

La Bou (by the zoo) – Ray has breakfast here in Courage Matters.

Lucca – Andrew Norris has an unpleasant lunch with a client while Ray observes surreptitiously from the bar in Courage Matters.

Marriott Courtyard (Rancho Cordova) – to stay out of harms way from a gangster, Ray spends the night at this hotel before starting the plot to bring down his foe in Courage Matters.

Nimbus Dam – the site is targeted by eco-terrorists in Courage Stolen.

Noah’s Bagels (Fair Oaks Blvd) – two thugs make it a bad morning for Ray in this parking lot in Courage Matters.

Paragary’s – Ray has lunch with Rebecca Tampini at this restaurant on 28th Street in Courage Matters.

Raley Field – though he’s a big baseball fan, Ray doesn’t get to watch much of the action as he hassles a shady accountant in Courage Matters.

Riverside Clubhouse – probably Jill and Ray’s first real “date” since getting back together in Courage Matters.

Sacramento Oaks Country Club – Loosely based on El Macero Country Club, this is where Ray helps a friend confirm that his love interest is legit in Courage Stolen.

Sand Cove Beach Park – Ray makes a twenty million dollar drop in the parking lot of this park next to the Sacramento River in Courage Stolen.

Say Hey – this is the main bar where Ray hangs out, owned by his pal and investigative partner Rubia. Though this is a fictional location, it is very roughly patterned after the old Joe Marty’s, both in terms of location and theme.

SMUD (Sacramento Municipal Utility District) – pursuing contract irregularities, Ray meets with a former student and an executive employed at this electric utility’s headquarters in Courage Stolen.

Sutter Club – Ray attends a funeral reception here in Courage Lost.

The Club Pheasant – the endgame in Courage Resurrected is supposed to happen here.

The Waterboy – renamed “Horner’s” in the book after fictional Hall of Fame Quarterback Tommy Horner, Ray and Rubia encounter the famous quarterback and learn about a shakedown that may have started there in Courage Matters.

Virgin Sturgeon – Ray nervously awaits confirmation that his ransom drop has secured the return of the valuable Monarch Project as he sips a beer in this Sacramento River establishment in Courage Stolen.

Western Feed & Pet Supply – Andrew Norris’s ex-girlfriend gets some bad news at work here in Courage Matters.

Sacramento neighborhoods and other nearby locations appearing in the books

Curtis Park
East Sacramento
Granite Bay
Lake of the Pines
Lake Tahoe
Land Park
Pocket Neighborhood
River Park
Sacramento City College
Sacramento International Airport
Sacramento State University
UC Davis
West Sacramento